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Walking and cycling

Do you like walking and cycling? Then you are in the right place at Scheldoord!

Scheldeoord is set in the ‘Zak van Zuid-Beveland’. A beautiful, peaceful and green part of Zeeland that has quite rightly been designated as a National Landscape. It is a unique and varied landscape, one of the oldest in the Netherlands, where you will find many small polders, areas of natural beauty, orchards full of blossom or fruit, small, pleasant little villages and countless,mostly meandering dykes.

Get on your bike, pull on your walking shoes and set off! By walking or cyling along these dykes you will come across the most beautiful spots in this varied landscape! For example, cycle across the beautiful, green Heggenlandschap around Nisse in the heart of the ‘Zak’, a centuries-old area that consists of hummocky grassland, pools, hedges and areas of natural beauty. Go and have a look at the “Zwaakse Weel”, once a tidal creek full of shipping, and now the largest area of natural beauty in Zuid-Beveland, where you can go for beautiful walks through the fields and along unpaved dykes!

Cycling outside the dykes
Did you know that you can go for beautiful walks and bike rides outside the dyke? Then you walk or cycle ‘on the other side’ of the sea dyke, right by the water’s edge, where you will have a beautiful view across the Westerschelde and the huge ships as they sail by! Definitely to be recommended!

Also nice: there is a tea garden in nearly every village in the area. Ideal for a well-earned break!

Cycle Junctions
Would you also like to enjoy the beautiful surroundings by bike or on foot? For your walking and/or cycling trip, you can choose one of the routes that has already been set out, or you can put together your own route using the cycle junctions which are part of the Fietsknooppunten Systeem Zeeland (FiKS) (the Zeeland Cycle Junction System) and/or the Wandelnetwerk (Walking Network).

Bike rental
If you haven’t taken your bikes with you, you can rent them at the reception!

Did you know that you can walk and cicle outside the dyke? You then walk or cycle ‘on the other side’ of the dyke, directly along the water where you have a beautiful view over the Westerschelde and the big ships that come past here! Definitively a suggestion!

Also very nice: You´ll find a tea garden in almost every village in the area. Ideal for a well deserved break inbetween!

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