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Eeterij Scheldo's

Eeterij Scheldo's

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Eeterij Scheldo's

Here you can enjoy a meal and drink with the whole family! The children (up to 12 years) have their own buffet with different tasty bits, warm and cold such as pancakes, pizza and chips. Here they can choose themselves and take whatever they like! Of course there are different tasty meals on the menu for the parents too!

And when they don´t want to eat anymore they can play, climb and scramble in the indoor playground next to the restaurant. There is also animation for them during school holidays and they can cuddle and have their photo taken with Scheldo the Bear who comes round frequently to see if there is something tasty for him to eat too!

Furthermore you can pick up pizza´s at Eeterij Scheldo's and enjoy the sun at the spacious terrace.

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“The best facilities for the whole family”

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